Deshaun Davis’ kind gesture symbolizes Tammy’s love for Auburn

November 19, 2018 By Skye Underwood

Tammy Bullard

This past week has been quite the roller coaster ride of emotions for the Auburn Family, but when the most difficult adversities arise, the spirit of Auburn much like its majestic eagles seems to always rise higher.

As many of you know by now due to the outpouring of support from social media to radio and television, the Auburn Family lost a dear friend this past week.

A longtime caller to The Paul Finebaum Show and unabashed defender of all things Auburn, 52-year-old Tammy Bullard and her 3-year-old granddaughter were tragically killed on Friday in an automobile accident on U.S. Route 280.

Of course Tammy loved all her family dearly, but she really shined as a grandmother. And when she wasn’t loving on her grandbabies, she was calling into Finebaum and giving the host and Alabama fans hell. Tammy would always end the call with a tiger roar and a “WAR DAMN EAGLE!”

The death of Bullard sent shockwaves across the college football community on Friday when Finebaum dedicated the last hour of his show to his friend’s memory. Fans from all over the country called in to the program with broken hearts and broken voices sharing their personal stories of Tammy and how her passion for her team inspired so many people in so many different walks of life.

Tammy’s unapologetic devotion to Auburn and untimely death resonated across the college football landscape gaining the attention of one of the most respected Auburn football players to ever don the orange and blue, senior linebacker Deshaun Davis. The quintessential leader of the Auburn football team, Davis not only took to Twitter to offer condolences and sympathy in support of the longtime Auburn fan, but he took it a step further with something he said he’s never done before — written in big black letters on the white tape wrapped around his right wrist read the name “Tammy” and on his left “Bullard.”

Saturday’s game versus Liberty was senior day, a day dedicated to Davis and his fellow senior class, but instead of soaking in the spotlight, Davis chose to honor Tammy, and it’s that Auburn Spirit which perfectly symbolizes why Tammy was so passionate about her Auburn Tigers. There’s just something so special about the place and its people. And Tammy knew that. Deshaun knows that. Everyone that has fallen in love with Auburn knows it.

And while Tammy Bullard’s time on earth may be done, her spirit – the Auburn Spirit, much like its majestic eagles, will forever soar.

A GoFundMe page was started on behalf of Tammy in an attempt to help with funeral expenses. You can do your part by following the link and making a donation.