Chink in the Armor of the Saban Dynasty? A Good Auburn Team

June 7, 2018 By Skye Underwood

Apparently I’ve caused quite a stir the last couple days with my bammer brethren, but to be honest, I’m not quite sure what has them so riled up. I simply tweeted a couple interesting stats as it relates to Auburn, and the overall record between the two arch-rivals in the last twenty head to head meetings.

One would think that a fanbase, whose team has been the pinnacle of college football in recent history, wouldn’t be so worried about a little ol’ “cow college” in the southeast corner of the state.

Tweeting this factoid happened to create a crimson wave of backlash making me Alabama public enemy #1. I mean, you would have thought that I was responsible for destroying one of their beloved monuments or statues on their God forsaken campus. It’s as if the tweet created a target on my back as big around as a Toomer’s oak tree for goodness sakes.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep fighting the good fight.

After all, everyone knows that the only good thing that’s ever come out of the state Alabama is Auburn.

Furthermore, most everyone knows by now that a good Auburn football team is the chink in the armor of the Saban dynasty. The coach, who many consider to be the best in college football history is 0-7 when he faces a 9-win Auburn squad.

Ahhh, I just had an epiphany. Now it’s all starting to come together now. One would think Bama fans would be satisfied with beating up on everyone in college football…with the exception of one team of course. Unfortunately for the most die-hard bammer, that little pesky fly that is Auburn just won’t go away.

Yes, it’s true that the Nick Saban era at Bama has been one of national championships, and epic beatdowns of some of college football’s biggest bluebloods.

What might be surprising to some is that despite sharing a state with “the best coach in college football history,” Auburn’s football program has experienced some of its most successful seasons in its 126-year storied history WHILE Saban has been a Southeastern Conference head football coach.

Since Saban started roaming SEC sidelines in 2000, Auburn Football has had two undefeated seasons, won a national championship, played for another national championship, won the SEC Western Division Championship six times, the SEC Championship three times, produced a Heisman winner and another Heisman finalist. Understand, bammers, me pointing those facts out does not take away from Saban’s amazing accomplishments. I’m just making it a point to show everyone that Auburn has not and will not back down to Nick Saban.

Even after winning the national championship in 2017, Alabama fans still seemed concerned with Auburn. And who can blame them? The Tigers boast the best defensive front seven in college football as well as the SEC’s best quarterback in Jarrett Stidham. In other words, the same Nick Saban who is 0-7 versus good Auburn teams must yet again face another good Auburn team in 2018. Like I said, it’s all starting to make sense now.

Tide fans are used to feeling superior among its fellow Southeastern Conference brethren, but “The Barn” seems to have caught up with the Tide as evidenced on November 25, 2017 when top-ranked and undefeated (11-0) Alabama visited the plains for the Iron Bowl and the SEC West Championship. The Tigers manhandled the Tide, though the 26-14 score was not indicative of just how much Auburn controlled the game; it wasn’t that close.

In all my time as a college football fan, I’ve never seen a fanbase so aggravated after a national championship as Bama fans, but then I remember how often I remind them that Auburn kicked their ass.